Changed lives changing lives, and pouring into the next generations
Our country is experiencing an alarming trend of children being raised
with no father figure in the home. We see it every day right here in our
churches and schools. The missing component of a positive male influence
can be a devastating handicap for a healthy future. A whole generation of
youths is experiencing the results of this epidemic and the negative impact on
their lives can be seen in the statistics.

Majesty Outdoors TideChangers is working to “change the tide” of the
fatherless epidemic right here in our community. We are doing this by
establishing this Mentor Chapter program here in our area with Tide Changers
Atascosa Chapter. Majesty Outdoors provides our local chapter with a
curriculum that includes outdoor skills and activities, character building, and
Biblically based life lessons. The valuable resource of time invested in these
young people’s lives will results in building trusting relationships that “give
fatherless children a fearless foundation of love, faith, and direction”.

We would love to have you join us and help to “Change The Tide”!